No Longer…Not Yet

This is a very special phrase. Remember it.

Change can sometimes be slow. Circumstances can change, but you might not. Still the same plans, hopes and dreams.
But life can no longer allow you these! Worry…what to do now ???

You need to be patient with this in-between stage.

This no longer...not yet time is a stage of growth. It’s an incubation time. A time for metamorphosis to take place. Just because you don’t see the caterpillar that has become a pupa changing within it’s little cocoon, doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

However, the process will take as long as it needs.

So with new plans and dreams…the more complex the change, with many entangled aspects, the longer might this stage be.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Shaking the pupa won’t help the process.

The day will come and the butterfly will hatch.
It will fly free.

So with your new dreams …allow them to form and then give them wings.

This BLOG is the beginning of a new dream for me.
I don’t intend to go into the details of my changes. We all have stuff happen and have to get on with it.

What I would like to do, is share my thoughts and ideas with anyone willing to read them. I have often had a concept come to me… an idea, which excites me. It may be as a result of what someone has said, something I’ve read or a source unknown…internal inspiration.

I ponder on it, perhaps share with a few people, and then it’s gone. Sometimes I can’t even remember it.

My hope here is to capture these ideas and hopefully share them with more people.

I will commit to writing every week. I will put it up in the middle of each week. 

So till next time.


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