Stepping into someone shoes.

We are often told that to understand someone we need to Step...or walk...a thousand their shoes.

So,lets explore this notion of stepping into someone's shoes.Yes, this is usually how we can come closer to understanding how someone else may feel. It is one of the key ingredients of empathy.

But...beware of thinking you know what they are feeling.We can only guess at it with reference to ourselves. We have to check with the person if we are correct. Assumptions of knowing can be irritating and instead of creating understanding can alienate. Try to remember when someone did this to you..."I know just..." How did it feel?

Gentle exploring from a sense of how it may be for the person, can allow them to correct, to open up, to share.

Another aspect you might like to consider is, if you are having problems with someone, step into their shoes...see it from that perspective. The actions you might choose may be very different. We tend to very much remain in our position. We tend to just see our side and this weakens our communication. It may even weaken our bargaining power.

Lastly I'd like you to step into someone else's shoes and see YOU!!!

What would they see? How would they communicate with you? If you find this very difficult ask someone to initially help.Objective (as objective as it can be!) self-knowledge is a powerful ally to assist in life.It may affirm what you know, but it may make you realise that perhaps you appear in many ways differently to what you think. You can celebrate...or change!!!

In all of the above ways seeing things from another's perspective enriches our understanding.

Try it for an experiment...a private game. You might be suprised at what you discover.

All the best to everyone.


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