CONGRUENCE in change

I recently went to a seminar conducted by Dr. Daniel J.Siegel a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine.One of the main areas of his work is the study of brain development and brain function. Dr Siegal presented an interesting acronym to remember how a healthy brain/mind functions...FACES

A healthy mind is...






It's very quite obvious that a healthy mind is not stuck. It is able to move and accept change. It does so with energy but can remains steady and stable.

And...the new thinking has to be has to make sense within the life of the person.

I prefer the word CONGRUENT.

To accept, to change, to want to go has to make sense. It has to add up with your values. This is congruence.

An important aspect that people come to therapy for is to make sense of their thinking and their feelings. They want to cope with changes, but in a way that makes sense.

It is important that new thinking is integrated on all levels...within your mind, your life, your values, values of others..., etc.

No wonder changes are challenging...but necessary to stay mentally healthy.

Hope you are keeping health and happy.


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