Your life as a boat on the sea of life.

 The image is often used of our life being a journey on the sea of life, and the vessel that represents us being a boat...usually a sail boat at the mercy of the winds and tides.

The question is do we just let go and let the tides and winds direct our direction? This is what those who are more Buddhist would say. I have a meditation tape that says just that...and obviously I can't accept that philosophy as each time I hear it something inside me says..."you can steer, set your sails...or anchor!!!".

Maybe this is not right. Maybe it is best to trust that the direction that naturally evolves will be right. It is an individual decision which really depends on your philosophy.

My philosophy is... we certainly need to go with the tides and the winds, but we can utilise what presents.We might have to go in a different direction...but  accept that direction and assist ourselves to get to safety...perhaps this may be far from what we intended...but safe.There might be times when we choose to move and really utilise the wind behind speed ahead. We might also decide to put an anchor down because we are tired and need to rest. 

We certainly need to make a conscious choice to let go of the shore to get to the other side.

Try imagining yourself as this little boat...perhaps you aren't little, but big with powerful sails!!! How do you use the tides and the winds? Or are you stuck attached to the shore...too afraid to let go?...even if you are powerful?

Using imagery is often a great way to understand life...hope this at least makes you think.

Warm wishes.





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