The Strenght of Letting Go

Much is made of not letting go...of having the strength to hang in there.      I do think it's a great strength IF it is still appropriate to your life...IF the reason for holding on has some reality and not just hope or is just based on an illusion.

To hang in there, you need to believe and think that this is what you need to do. Believing and thinking are two different things! It needs to be a wise decision.(see Wisdom)

Sometimes we hold on because to let go is too painful. We hold on because we define ourselves by something or someone... and who would we be without that. But what if that holding on is empty! What if the person is not really there for us, or our hope or dream has no chance of success?

If it has only a small...a remote chance...should we hang on? Yes, I say hang on to any dream or hope...but don't sacrifice other parts of your life. If there is only little hope... go on and live as if you had let go of  that dream... but hold it in a special part of your just never know what life produces.

Letting go allows growth. As the old saying goes you must let go of the rope to sail to another shore. Many of the things we hold on to are outside our control.People are certainly outside or control. Letting go of a relationship doesn't mean you don't just means you realise you can only control yourself.

It's that realisation of what you do and do not have control over which is critical. Look at any situation and don't fret and pine over what you have no control. Concentrate on what you can control.

There is a great strength in deciding to allow something or someone go, Sometimes people will hang on till they hit the bottom and only then this forces the letting go.

I read a great saying a while ago, but can't remember who said it. This is it.

"I hit rock bottom and on that solid foundation built my future".

Well, I guess it was solid. It had no indecision! Nothing to hold onto.

When the decision is yours to let go...this may show great courage and strength.

Warm wishes,


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