What are your Priorities?

Do you prioritise what is on your schedule?

Or...do you schedule your priorities?

The former is fine IF you have decided what is on your schedule. But...if it's mainly what has been decided for you, mainly just doing what needs to be done...perhaps it is time to consider your options.

With the New Year coming up it's a good time to plan differently.

This is particularly important if you feel your life has been busy, but not fulfilling.

Have you felt that there was no time left for you?

At times this cannot be avoided. Sometimes life presents us with situations which take up every moment and more if it was there.

But...if this is an on-going situation, few people can keep going and not get dispirited. This is widely recognised. People in a caring situation are seen to need respite. This is often government funded. Do you need respite?

Your situation may not make you eligible for support, but the need may be truly there.

Do you put  YOU into your priorities?

Have a think about what you want from life? Think about what makes you feel alive and happy...and put it into your plan for next year.

Schedule your priorities to include YOU... only way to make them happen.

Warm Wishes.


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