The 51% Solution

I came across a great concept in a "The Chemistry of Joy" written by Henry Emmons, MD.,...The 51% Solution.

Here it is...we find change difficult. Habits are extremely hard to break. We resist doing things the new way even if we think it would be better, something inside says,"but...that's the way I do it".

When we decide to change something in our lives we do it usually because our brain tells us that that the new way would be wiser.

Our brain does not always win...especially at the beginning. A new pattern has to form.

Usually when we decide to change we say something like. "from now on..." Often there is an "I will always..." usually unrealistic.

This is where the 51% solution comes in. 51% is more often than not. 51% done often will start to feel like usually...a new habit is forming.

From there it is easier to ramp up to 52%...60%...80%...99.95%.

Best wishes to all.


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