Anniversaries are milestones to be noted, remembered, and if appropriate... celebrated.

Some anniversaries are widely recognised...birthdays, weddings, reunions...all the best to all those celebrating today!!!

Happy anniversaries can be celebrated. Weddings celebrate the importance of the commitment. Birthdays, celebrate your importance.Reunions mark time and celebrate and honour what was. 

Anniversaries are sometimes sad times...but they too need a place in our lives. Noting anniversaries brings meaning and richness to our lives.

There are also many private things we can up cigarettes, drink or starting something.Things that we alone might consider milestones.

All anniversaries are opportunities to remember, to celebrate, to remember, to reflect. They are also a time to perhaps set a new course. 

A year ago today I started this blog.I decided to write weekly...for a year.'s a year! I'm happy that I have stuck with the commitment...well done me!!!

What now?

I have in the main enjoyed the writing, but it seemed to come around all too quickly...weeks seemed to speed by...but I had promised myself! It was a good experience and hopefully useful (at least sometimes) to you,my readers.

I don't want to drop the writing...but I intend to, from now on, write something perhaps longer...monthly.

So...have a great month.








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