Mindfulness is a spiritual and psychological practice.It is amongst other things an attentive awareness training of the reality of things (especially in the present moment).

Mindfulness originates from Buddhist teachings, but is now widely used in Western psychology.

It has been found to be of great benefit in the field of addiction, especially with relapse prevention.

It is very much at the centre also of positive psychology and the psychology of happiness. Depression can be overcome and/or managed with mindfulness.

I believe anyone can benefit from developing mindfulness into their life. How easy it is to eat without tasting, engage in conversation without really paying attention, breathe without smelling the perfume of the flowers.

How easy it is to see only the negatives of a situation and miss the happiness.

By being more present we are aware of what we actually do...as opposed to what we think we do.

We become aware of our thoughts and thought patterns and can have more choice about them.

We can still our racing minds and our perhaps disturbing emotions.This will give us the rest that we so often need.

To start being mindful only takes a few minutes. You could do it now...

This exercise is adapted from Elisha Goldstein's "Mindfulness and Psychotherapy".

S-Stop what you are doing...just for a minute.

T-Take a deep breath...through your nose...let the air flow right through your body.

O-Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Notice your body.

P-Proceed with something that supports you in the moment...take another deep breath, hug yourself...rub your  ...if appropriate...you are more than your current emotion or thought...they are passing clouds in the sky of your life.

Many mindfulness exercises are easily found on the internet. Have a look...find what appeals to you.Try it!!!

Warm wishes.




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