Symbols in Life

A symbol is an object that represents an idea. Some symbols are universally used and we all recognise the meaning...the wedding ring...the red or green light. We immediately understand the idea. Others are only used within certain cultures or within certain groups.

AND...we can also invent our own symbols for our own, private ideas. Symbols that immediately remind us of what we want to guide our life. We may choose to keep these symbols private or to tell others about them...our symbols...our choice.

A symbol can be an object. One wonderful lady I know who was for quite some time disempowered, bought herself a beautiful expensive watch, not something she told people...but each time she looked at it , it said to her..."You CAN".

A symbol can be a mental image...for example if you tend to rarely see the positive in image of a cloud with its silver lining showing may help.

It could be a word..."understanding"..."family"..."love". The word reminds you of what is important.

Whatever the symbol is, it is an instantly recognisable command to the unconscious which allows you to act and to be as you have chosen.

Consider something that you need reminding of in your daily life...perhaps a symbol would help. Invent one!

Have a great week.


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