Care...not cure.

In our world we tend to want a cure for everything...a solution!

Psychology is no different. We psychologists want to help people feel get on with life.

But for somethings there is no cure or solution. Terrible things happen, people experience grief and sadness. We hope that there may be a pill or a therapy to take the pain away! We don't want to suffer and don't want others to suffer either.

Suffering is the human condition. No one goes through life without some suffering.We think and feel and have awareness...hence suffering is inevitable.To pretend it doesn't affect us is a denial. To try to tell someone else that they shouldn't feel whatever they feel is disrespectful.

But we can ease it...not cure it, or take it listening, by being there.

Experiencing the pain can allow people to move to a deeper peace and understanding.

But when we suffer we need take care of ourselves...and not create even more suffering through self neglect. We need to experience, but still do what needs to be done. We need to tell ourselves to do that, when we feel like doing nothing, and remind others who are suffering to also take care of themselves. People in deep dispair may need practical help or help to think with more clarity about what needs to be done. 

But... just being witness to and validating the pain can ease the isolation felt.

So instead of going for the cure in difficult situations (sometimes possible), think as well in terms of care...and/or just listening.

Best Regards.


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