Zorba the Buddha

I came across a concept this week that I enjoyed and had not heard put this way...some of you may already be familiar with it.

...Zorba the Buddha.

We tend to separate the mind/spirit from the body. We separate Eastern thought and philosophy from Western thought and philosophy.

Osho(Rajneesh) a much respected Zen master's key concept was that man would be complete only when the Zorba can melt into the Buddha. He believes that the man who has just lived outside lives superficially. Zorba represents this superficial living...he threw himself into the physical with gusto and joy...(to live with joy and passion does not mean you have to dance like Zorba...you can fully breathe and enjoy the sun...or play with the kids!)

The man who has just lived inside...just reflecting, meditating... knows little of actual life.

Both are essential..hence Zorba the Buddha.

The lesson is to acknowledge and as fully as possible experience both. 

Whilst this comes from a Zen master, I feel it can apply to any belief system.

LIVE life fully...but REFLECT and gain an inner calm and meaning to what you do.

I hope it appeals to you as much as it did to me.

Warm Wishes,


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