Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is now a term in common use. It is often seen as a stable aspect of someone's being, just as is general intelligence, as measured by various tests which give an Intelligence Quotient (IQ). 

But it isn't the same. EQ (measured emotional intelligence) can be developed.

Furthermore high IQ does not mean high EQ. Some people with very high IQ have very low EQ, as is the reverse.

Check the following key aspects of Emotional Intelligence and see which you can develop...we can all further develop our EQs.

Here they are...

Consider all aspects of the situation at hand calmly before acting...if you are not calm...do not proceed!!!

Honestly consider your thoughts and feelings about the situation...really be honest with yourself...but don't act yet.

As fully as possible put yourself in the other's position...without BUTting from your side.

Present your mind with options and consider all ramifications...for now and for the longterm.

If one option stands out..trust yourself...and be true to yourself. Act with the greatest kindness in word and thought that you can.

If no option seems right...wait...keep calm...let your inner wisdom work on it.

So.. which aspect are you going to further work on?

Have a great week.




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