"We can only hope"..."I still have hope"..."have hope"...Is this a good thing?

Yes...definitely. IF... it is REALISTIC...or at least possible.

In matters that are extremely important to you, I encourage you to hold onto hope, but only if it is at least somewhat possible. But don't put the rest of your life on hold.

Hold this hope in your heart, but LIVE YOUR LIFE (as if the hope was not there).    

That's where FALSE HOPE comes in. This state can be very damaging as it prevents moving on in life.

False hope paralyses. In false hope life waits to be live...when the thing hoped for happens.


The big question is when to hold on and when to let go?

When we hope, we need to ask ourselves, "WHY am I holding on?" and "What would happen if I let go?"

These two questions may help  decide. 

These two questions may help you hold on tighter, or let you set yourself free.

If you are hoping for something I encourage, (DARE) you, to put these two questions to your hope and answer honestly.

Best Wishes.


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