Do your Triggers Control YOU?

Saying, "I've been triggered" or "I always trigger"...on this, or that, is now quite a common expression.

We get triggered on past events which have adversely affected us, or when we are unable to put aside some aspect of our life which when remembered causes us distress, and sometimes responses we would rather not have.

 By saying we are triggered we don't take responsibility for the reaction...we are triggered...hence are VICTIMS

BUT, is it really like that?

Do we have no power in this?

I think we do. We need to learn and even anticipate the triggers and then NOT FIRE.

Triggers will always be there...accept that. We are human, complex and triggers are here to stay.

We may eliminate some and then others may come. It is best to learn ways not TO TRIGGER.


To control your response it is necessary to create a gap between the adverse information and the feeling. The part of the brain that does this is the amygdala. So...extending this gap is brain training.

Here's just a few suggestions;

The brain is like a  muscle it can be excised. It also, like a muscle is weak when tired. So...we have less control over our triggers when we are tired, or sick or overloaded. 

Developing control over your mind as in meditation will build it's ability not to trigger. Even very short,but frequent meditation sessions (5minutes a day) will do this

Practicing a calming breath and/or a visualisation the moment you feel the trigger will create the gap needed not to trigger.

Choosing a calming mantra (e.g., "Past life","At the moment," "Not about me"), necessary also for the moment you feel the trigger, will create the necessary gap.

You might have some method you have used and perhaps forgotten...get it out use it again...get those triggers UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

Best wishes








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