Stop the engine!

In order for a mechanic to fix an engine he has to stop it.

 When you need fixing...adjusting? How do you STOP?

Whatever is needed is warranted. Whatever you can afford...time, money, affect on others... all need to be considered.

But you need to STOP.

Take a break...go to a retreat which heals your mind and spirit (an ultimate stop... "I wish???")

Just get away from normal life, by yourself or with others...surprising how different your perspective can be at a distance.

Step off the world for a day (mental health day)...even just stay in physical energy and get some mental space.

Step off the world for as much time as you can afford...a few hours can help.

All the above can be enhanced by as much mental stop as you are able to do. Meditation even for very short times...just 5 minutes can be of great benefit. As can other activities which allow your mind to calm.

I think you get the idea...

Have a great week.



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