A few days ago I read with, some irritation, someone spruking that "we all have the same amount of time...all have 24 hours in a we have no excuse...etc!"

"Well", yes, we do all have 24hours, but we do not have the same amount of discretionary time...our time...YOUR time!

Some people have little free time, life needs demanding most of the 24 hours. But it is important that we try to allow some time for us. This not only makes life happier, but prevents resentment of  the things that life needs us to do, and people in our lives who seem to be freer.The unhappiness and resentment can cause so many problems in life, in relationships, that allowing some free time is a time effective preventative measure.

Consider well what this YOUR time. Don't waste it or give it away without thought. If you do want to give it away, that's fine. It may be the best use for you, of YOUR time. It isn't a good use though, if you just give it away, because you can't say, "NO."

YOUR time should be used it to express line with your values? Your time should be time which you look forward to. It should be time when you do things that give you personal  satisfaction. Time that enriches your life. 

Guard YOUR time! Value it! Use it to enhance your life!

Enjoy the week.




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