To Quit or not to Quit?

Do I quit??? That a question we are often confronted with?

I'm talking here of activities or commitments we have deliberately entered into: gym memberships, courses, jobs... marriages even.

Each time something we don't like happens, or we don't like what we experience, we place emotional marbles on our decision making scale that tips it in favour of quitting.

Sometimes no decision is necessary...scale is tipped...time to quit!!!

But when we are THINKING of quitting...when we are undecided, we become very aware of the things we don't like and don't want, sometimes forgetting what we did like about the choice in the beginning. The two sides don't get even play, to make a balanced decision.

To balance the emotional scales remember why you made the choice at the start...all the reasons big and little...make a list..mental or actual...ponder them carefully. We give the negatives a lot of play time, so balance things up.The reasons you come up with may no longer be valid, as you, or the situation may have changed. So...they can be discounted and the negative marbles can make the choice obvious. may have just forgotten the positive reasons...they may still be there.

With ALL aspects on the emotional scale you can make a WISE DECISION.

Warm wishes.





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