Balance in Life

Seth David Chernoff in his book "Manual for Living" defines life balance inthe following way,"Living a life of balance is a constant, moment by moment integration of life's inner and outer priorities"

What a great definition!!!

Lets look at this a little more closely.

Constant,moment by moment...can't just settle on a definition of balance and stick to it. We nee to be flexible and change as life conditions change. We need to be constantly monitering...not leaving things till we are out of balance.

Integration...making it a natural part of your life.

Inner and outer priorities...we often respond well to outer priorities, not neccessarily to the inner ones. It seems we often find it easier to say "No" to ourselves than to the outside world. can tell you what your inner priorities are or should be...they are yours and yours alone.

You are the constant guardian of your life do your will pay you well!!

Have a great week.


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