Search for Meaning

 What is life about?

This is a question many people seek to answer for themselves.

For some, that answer is easy. It is often handed down to these people in a life script of religion, customs or expectations which they embrace. For these people the answer is obvious and the question unnecessary.

Other people struggle to find a meaning. It can be there at some stages of life, as for example when children are there to "grow up". When securing enough finances is the issue. When finding a partner is all that matters.

Sometimes even that is not enough. "Is that all it's about?" "Why am I living?" "It all seems a bit pointless...empty!" These sort of comments lead to a search for deeper meaning.

The difficulty is that if you are searching, you are also evaluating constantly, and actually deciding on a meaning can be difficult. to select the best meaning for you  can... and fully embrace it. Don't focus on the flaws, or what other's say. Fully engage with your meaning and it becomes more real.

The Buddha taught, "One must immerse oneself in the river of life and let the question drit away."

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