Negotiating for YOU

Sometimes we are so eager to get something sorted or to please someone that we put in our offers too quickly.

This can mean that we do lots more thinking about what the other person would like, what's fair, examine options , etc.

It can also mean that we sometimes ask for less than we want...for all of the above reasons...and we don't necessarily get thanks for our generosity and effort. If the person agrees they get the privilege of being agreeable. They are then doing something for you.

Is this what you want??? SO...if you want a more YOU serving result... try it this way.

First ask the other person what THEY want.You might get more than you had expected or hoped for. It also means that you are now the agreeable are going along with them.

Only then...if the solution is unacceptable... put yours up.You are in no worse position than had you offered it first. Chances are there will be some areas of agreement, so you can graciously accept these, but discuss the others. Even this puts you in a better position, as you have accept some of their suggestion...have been accommodating!

Have a great week.


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