Habit of Happiness

Last week I spoke of noticing happiness... now I want extend that thought.

We very much notice the wrongs...the hurts...the irritations that happen to us. We don't even miss the little ones.

But we miss the little happinesses. The happinesses that may only score a 3 or 4 on our happiness scale.

We miss them because we don't call them happiness. We may label them...satisfaction, pleasure, contentment, beauty, peace...

I encourage you to notice these iess obvious happinesses...let them repeat in your mind and sink into your heart (like we do so easily with the hurts) . Review them at the end of the day. Pick the best. Write it down...perhaps even keep a happiness journal!

This way you will be taking significant steps  towards establishing the most important of habits...the HABIT of HAPPINESS!!!

Have a Happy week.


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