It is healthy to WANT

In childhoohd we are often taught sometimes directly, and sometimes indirectly, that to say "I want" and even more "I must have" is selfish and rude. What we as children are generally being taught, is consideration of others and manners. Sometimes caregivers' intentions are not so innocent. Some caregivers deliberately squash a child's freedom to want. Some are especially cruel in this way. However...unfortunately, even when the intention is not unkind, the lesson can go so deep that we can grow up believing that it is wrong to even privately have these that is wrong!!!

If you can relate to any of this READ ON.

Yes we do need to consider others... but if we don't acknowledge our wants and especially our must haves, we often feel that we are not getting what we need from life.

If we know what we want and don't express it... we expect those around us to be mind readers and resent not having our needs met. This destroys relationships.So speak up, but be considerate of other's needs.

If we don't have the courage to own our needs and especially our must haves... depression and lack of purpose... lack of direction is often the result...we must have in life what we MUST HAVE!!!

I encourage you acknowledge your must haves and go about ensuring they are enabled within your life.

TO WANT is a sign of HEALTH!!!

Have a healthy and happy week.




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