Lost without a Compass

At times life is confusing...too much change...too quick for us to adjust our bearings. We feel lost!

How to act???

"I just don't know where I am," people say. This translated means...I don't know how to make my next decision and what...and who, to place as valuable in my life.

Well...the compass you have been using, developed perhaps long ago, and useful till now... no longer works!!! Often we keep trying to use it...even though it's defunct.

A new method to guide needs to be developed. This new means of guidance must focus on the stars that are the brightest in your sky now.These stars are the values you hold dearest, the people you care for and who are in your life and the interests and things that give you joy...NOW.

If you have these feelings of being all at sea...I encourage you...work on developing...a new compass!!!

Have a safe week.


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