Keep Your Worry Clean!

Last week I talked about DIRTY WORRY. This week I would like to talk about a process to keep it CLEAN.

First thing is to recognise that it is dirty worry.

Then and only then can you do something about it. The following process will usually help.

(1) If you are worrying about something it is in some way important to you, so the first step of dealing with it...with cleaning it to acknowledge why it is important. Never deny your feelings!!!

(2) Acknowledge that it is a dirty you are choosing to put it in a MENTAL BOX and lock it up for the moment...put the box away somewhere for safe keeping, after all it is your precious might want to look at it one day... yes imagine the box!

(3) Choose a mental or physical distraction and fully occupy yourself with it (it is helpful to have a prepared list for this purpose).

The main aspect of this is CHOICE. Your mind is your tool...not the other way round!

Try this... and have a clean week!


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