The word WORRY, is used very generally. It can mean quite different things.

I like to divide these various meanings into two main categories.

The FIRST is the worry where we are presented with a problem and need to solve it. We say we are worried about what we should do, but really we are considering options of what to do and how to go about it. In this worry, when we say this to others, we are seeking advice or opinion on how to proceed...which we may or may not listen to.We may just want reassurance.This worry is a prelude to action, whether in deeds or in a mental stance. 

The OTHER category is when we either have already made up our mind...but keep worrying... Or if there is no possible solution or nothing we can do, but we still worry..."At least I'm doing some...I'm on the case...I'm worrying"...this seem to be the background reason for this worry. Usually it's not intentional. It is a destructive habit.

Whilst the former is not just useful, but also necessary...and moves things along, the latter just muddies your mind...it weighs down and makes you less able to think and act, when you will again have something to act on.This I call "DIRTY WORRY"...muddy...mucky ...mind and body depleting.

Next time you start to worry...put it through this  simple test...can I actually think or act as a result of what I'm putting myself through...or is it just DIRTY???

Enjoy your week,


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