Voltaire the famous philosopher said, referring to life "...we must cultivate our garden".

Simone de beauvoir added to this thought "... but what is my garden? No dimensions are assigned. I must choose."

I love these quotes. They appeal to me because of their deep truth, but also, being a gardener, I like the concept of life as a garden.              Define what and who belongs in your garden...YOUR PATCH of LIFE...and really look after what you have chosen to include!!!

You may care about what lies outside, but it is not your responsibility. Some people attempt to care for too much and few things flourish when sufficient attention is not there, when care is too thinly spread.

Decide also what sort of garden you want. Do you want high maintenance plants...perhaps a few of these, because of their special characteristics? Do you prefer useful ones, that practically contribute to life...otherwise why bother with them? Perhaps your preference is a haven you can feel comfortable in, to just relax? Maybe a bit of everything? It is your creation.You define its content and its dimensions.

Consider what you have at present. How well does it suit? Too large? Too small? Do you need to pull some plants out and replant to your current needs? Is it just right, but perhaps you need to look after what you have, or perhaps just some, plants better... or does it need a careful redesign?

I encourage you...whether you are a gardener or not...DEFINE and then NURTURE the GARDEN THAT IS YOUR LIFE !!!

Have a great week,


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