Xmas Special

XMAS is a SPECIAL TIME!!!...as are all culturally designated celebration days.

It is a time to join with family and friends...time to give gifts...and eat and drink together. A time to share happiness!

But it can also be a melancholy or even depressing time. We can get lost in the sadness of what we do not have ...                                              (money for the gift we want to give, the energy to fully participate due to illness, perhaps the time to be there?)

An even greater sadness is WHO we don't have there...and those who we will never have there again.This is often the greatest loss..the most heart wrenching sadness.

But life is about FOCUS...and it is no different at special times of the year.

Focus on what you do have.

Focus on whom you do have there... and enjoy them and their company. 

Join with others (who are not there) in your heart.

Your  focus is of your choosing...you have control ...so focus on the haves...(you might have to remind yourself!).                                                        And...CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!!

Have a beautiful day whatever you do...Loving Wishes.






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