ACCEPT...Life IS Change

ACCEPTING that LIFE is CHANGE makes statements such as "I don't want change" "Can't cope with this change" and "I want things how they were", nonsensical. To not experience change is to... not live.

We usually make these statements when we have had more turmoil than usual and we have been hurt.                                            Turmoil and hurt can be physical or emotional...perhaps both!

However, if you see yourself as being in the RIVER  that is LIFE, it means you have  tumbled over a waterfall...perhaps a huge one.       You may have been pulled in by a whirlpool or many whirlpools...and perhaps even been pulled down for a while.                                    ...or such a fast current that you had no control!

No wonder you are feeling exhausted!!!

Move yourself to a quiet still shallow and REST and RECOVER.                                                                                                                  Get your energy and confidence back.                                                                                                                                                             In this quiet time rethink the course you will take, and how to perhaps navigate the river better when you rejoin the main flow.   

...but fully intend to do that as this is your life... so not to be missed!!!                                                                                             

You will know when you are ready.  

Have a great week.




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