We often say of OTHERS that "they are all talk". We say "I'll believe it when I see it" "put your money where your mouth is!...and the one I first used "actions speak louder than words!"

What about US???...Does the same not apply? Does it only apply in reference to us... that when we say to someone that we will do something,that we are not true to our own word, unless we do, that which we have said we will do.? Do we not also let others down by not keeping our word?

When we don't follow through with others there is usually some discomfort. We may be held accountable by the other and have to explain. We may deflect with anger and deny the promise. They may say nothing and we might just feel guilty. It is harder to deny when there is an external witness.

What about when we TALK to OURSELVES ???

WE promise ourselves things and then not follow through with action. No one knows but us. No one witnesses... BUT...are we not letting ourselves down?

Its seems easier with ourselves! We can easily allow ourselves excuses when we break our own promises.We can explain and defend our lack of action.

BUT DO WE REALLY??? We become angry and even abuse ourselves...well I think it is abuse...if you said to someone else..."you are lazy...hopeless...stupid"...would that not be abuse? So how is it that we say it to ourselves? We are obviously very disappointed with our lack of follow through.

Simple answer...follow through. Do what you tell yourself you will do. Don't make yourself promises you can't keep.

Making yourself a promise you don't keep destroys your you.

How do we fare in the world if we can't trust ourselves? It destroys  confidence and because of the self abuse  self esteem.

So apply the SMART plan principle (see blog 7/11/12) and apply to your own promises. You will become more confident and respectful of yourself.

So remember... "actions speak louder than words"...ESPECIALLY  when talking TO YOURSELF!!!

Warm wishes for the week,


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