Give your SELF ESTEEM a BOOST today!

SELF ESTEEM...a much used term...often a real problem to us...often not well understood. 

Let me explain self esteem a little.

There are two main components to self esteem...Confidence and Competence (two vital Cs) Unfortunately we don't all have quite enough of either one or other of these Cs.

Confidence begins to develop early in our lives. A unconditionally loving family and a supportive, encouraging schooling will give the best start to a good life store of confidence. Unfortunately many children do not get this good store to start with and again, most unfortunately this C is harder to build!

Competence is built through what we achieve.Success at ventures gives us that and this C can be more easily added to. Unfortunately competence alone still leaves us feeling deep down, "less than".

BUT...consider this SELF ESTEEM is a SELF APRAISAL...we focus a lot on how other people perceive us and do things to gain approval and praise from others. We do this with the hope of increasing the confidence we have not been given earlier in life! ('m not saying this does not help. It certainly does help, but is too fickle to rely on!)

We have often (hopefully) taken care of the competence aspect (and if you haven't get cracking...both Cs are necessary!)

But as I said, the very meaning of self esteem is how you "esteem" in other words, value yourself?

That is what true self esteem is...the value you place on youself!!!

So what could you be doing today that would make you think more of yourself? 

What could you be doing  today that would make you" like you more???"

If you seriously want to improve your self can start today!

Have a great week,





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