Relationship Enhancement Course

This is a structured approach to improving your relationship.

This course of therapy is suitable couples wishing to; improve communication

                                                                                    improve intimacy/sex life

                                                                                    sort out future direction

                                                                                    overcome a specific problem/s

Over a period of 6 weeks sessions are developed within the following structure, but cusomized to your unique situation.

Week 1  Initial Joint Session (2hours)

              Explaining the issues together

              Values and Beliefs

              Behaviours and Habits

              Background and family influences (past and present)

              Gaining a deeper understanding of where things are at, what can be done and how quickly.

 Week 2  Individual Sessions (1hour each)

              Individual perceptions of the situation

              Expectations and Ideals

              Hopes and dreams for self and for you as a couple            

Week 3  Joint Session 2 (1.5 hours)

               Moving forward. Integrating the needs of both individuals into specific couple goals.

               Developing an action plan both immediate and future.

Week 6  Joint Session 3 (1.5 hours)

               Evaluation of progress

               Maintenance of progress

               Setting future developments

The timing of sessions can be customized to suit needs, whether to be covered more quickly or over a greater lenght of time.

You might decide to continue after the course of sessions to continue counselling either individually or as a couple.

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