My Therapeutic Approach

When we are experiencing distress it is easy to lose touch with our inner strength and wisdom. I foremost try to reconnect you with this strength and wisdom.

My main approach to counselling is from a Cognitive Behavioural Perspective that is, I work to help you identify patters in your thinking and behaviour and to determine how these affect your life. New habits may need to be established.

Some of these patterns may originate in childhood, or be the result of what has happened in earlier life, hence be very entrenched. These need to be examined and decisions need to be made as to what changes need to occur and how to make these changes happen.

I work from a Humanistic Client Centred Existential Framework to examine and solve the presenting problems. Deep seated issues often require a more psychoanalytic approach.

I draw from many therapies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, Reality Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Phototherapy (and others) to create interventions that are unique to the client.

No two clients are the same, therefore I believe therapy should be personalised.

Therapy is a creative process developed in the synergy between the psychologist and the client.

Therapy is a process of change, not just one of talking.

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