Hi, I’m Lidia, a psychologist & relationship counsellor with over 40 years of experience.

I provide individuals and couples the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges.

Lidia Morley – B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed, Grad.Dip.Psych, Master of Counselling, Member of Australian Psychological Society

Located a few minutes from Batemans Bay, I offer my psychology & relationship counselling services across the South Coast region of NSW. My practice offers a sanctuary for those seeking psychological and emotional well-being. With over four decades of experience in the field, I’ve created a safe and confidential space where you can comfortably explore your challenges and strive for a balanced, happier life.

Don't carry your burdens alone. Find your path to healing with me.

Tired of going through the motions? Emotional pain getting the better of you? Trust me, you are not on your own. Life's struggles are a reality, but I'm here to guide you through them.

The Importance of Taking the First Step

Let's face it, life can throw curveballs. Whether you're grappling with relationship woes, workplace stress, or past traumas, the first step toward improvement is seeking help. And with my therapeutic approach, you won't have to take that step alone.

Coping with Relationship Challenges

Love isn't always easy, is it? Whether it's romantic turbulence, communication breakdowns, or intimacy issues, relationships come with their set of trials. I'll assist you in setting up effective boundaries and emotional channels for a healthier connection with your partner.

Navigating Through Emotional Discomfort

Most of my clients seek me out due to various forms of emotional or mental stress. Consistent worry, recurrent sadness, an inability to focus are common issues. Emotional pain may be elusive but it's real, and it can be crippling. Let's reclaim your peace of mind together by tackling those internal battles.

Let's Begin Your Journey

You don't have to navigate life's complexities alone. Why compromise on your well-being? There's no need to remain trapped in a cycle of emotional or relational struggles. With over 40 years of expertise in psychology and counselling, both in organisational settings and private practice, I am here to guide you through it all.

Leverage proven therapeutic strategies to alleviate your emotional discomfort and relationship challenges. Take the first step today—emotional balance and a healthier outlook await you.

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