I have 30+ years experiences helping INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES with their problems.  It is my privilege and vocation to help people.

....Allow me to help you.

My first aim is to ease the pain (whether physical, mental or emotional) and decide what to do next and to develop strategies to immediately cope better.

Next, but equally important , is to understand, manage and/or change underlying behaviour, thoughts and feelings which have created the problems being experienced. These may deeply embedded values or habits which are no longer appropriate.They could be; anger issues, intimacy problems, childhood trauma or poor communication...Through the use of holistic, therapeutic techniques and psycho-education, we will together create a better future.



My practice is in a secluded relaxing private location. Counselling can be in person or online.

If you prefer online I use the medical Platform COVIU.

I send an invitation to join and you will join as a guest.

My contact details are: Phone: 0407813141

                                    Email:  lidiamorley@gmail.com




9B Allinga Close Lilli Pilli NSW 2536    Phone 0407 813 141